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POSAVINA beater, materials and suitable for hunting

Posavina Hounds are dogs with solid timber and are suitable for hunting uprostranim šumskimpodručjima with lots of wicker and thick bushes, but equally well sesnalaze in the mountainous, wooded areas ...

more than five hundred years posavskigoniči searching for rabbits and foxes, follow animal tracks idijele everyday life with their owners.
And now, as before, come along and listen usvitanje wake forest, absorb odors rosnih ipokrete wildlife meadow on the morning grazing. Posavina hound bred are also our fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers ..
originated from the ancient Pannonian senajprije hound who cultivated the Sava Basin, and then spread throughout the centuries were called zemlji.Tijekom them different names: boškinima, žutimturskim beater, marriage or Posavina Posavina beagle. There was ioštrodlaki Posavca type that was prevalent in Posavina, Lika and in Istria, where the people called him barbino. However, the final name they got exactly the popokrajini which they originate and where they can expand, lowland tokurijeke Basin, from the mouth to the mouth Sutla in Dunav.Zbog solid građeposebno are suitable for hunting in the vast forest areas with dense shrubs and mnoštvomšiblja, but equally well in a mountainous, wooded areas. Although dogs are plain, well adapted and nadalmatinskom rubble. Excellent smell, persistent in seeking prosecution II, zvonkog and clear voice, are extremely valuable because of the speed ipokretljivosti. Their special qualities of obedience and privrženostgospodaru.

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