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Smart dogs are a smart cat

Are cats smart or smart dogs? Pametnekoliko Cats are not as we thought. Cats were worse than dogs that subaru could somewhat successfully solved test double election.

Cats are not as smart as smomislili, the researchers said. Specifically, the research on 15mačaka who had right to pull the rope to get food rezultatisu was almost disappointing ..
testing is based on the baits set out at the end of that rope Supot cats and retraced by receiving dessert. none imalaproblema only one rope, but as soon as they faced the dvostrukimizborom, unlike canine friend, cats are almost always biralepogrešno rope.
istraživanjadolaze results as a big surprise because the cats paws ikandže daily use for the withdrawal of cases by himself during a game or hunting. Mačkesu were worse than dogs that subaru could somewhat successfully solved test double election.
Research has shown that cats do not understand the concept of cause iposljedice connecting things.
experiment included fish treats and cookies tied the ends of the rope, and placed inside a plastic cover that bimogle cats do not get to them.
conducted three separate experiments. First jeimao only one rope, the other two cords were placed in parallel, and the third crossed. pulling the rope brought the real prize.
In the last test, with cross ropes, one cat is constantly biralakrivo while others succeeded only because of luck. |

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