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DANGEROUS ANIMALS aggressive elephant

Indijici hunt serial rapist and murderer where zasadpripisuje 12 victims who were pricked to death

Indijici hunt serial rapist and murderer which has pripisuje12 victims who were pricked to death - tusks. Nepobitnopotvrđuju evidence that this is the same killer. Attacker who is bloody kazniosvaku female who refused his courtship was aggressive elephant whose sužrtve ponađene in the jungles of southern India.
The elephant who has received the Alpha was founded odredsa 15 people who have several weeks of searching for a rapist and pokušavaga catch. Despite his crime, the elephant has been sentenced to death than be deprived of what deadly weapon. Once it sleep, detachment will muodrezati and dull fangs.
According mišljenjustručnjaka for murder anyway, but not guilty elephant testosterone, more precisely musth. This is a periodic increase levels hormonamuškosti associated with an increased sex drive and iznimnomagresivnošću.
It is a condition most responsible for most incidents with elephants ukojim victims were both men.
Simply put, the court was this serial killer and silovateljnedjela committed in a state of mental incompetence.

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