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appearance of the body

Common Tortoise, the appearance of the body: the legs are short and stocky, susrasli fingers together, the prednjimnogama have 5, 4 on the rear claws.

tortoises - Testudo Hermann, Gmelin 1789 inhabits relatively closely intersected the European part of the Mediterranean: jugoistokŠpanjolske and the Balearic Islands, Corsica and southern France, central and južnuItaliju, Sicily and Sardinia, Croatian coastal areas, Montenegro, Albania and Greece and parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria iRumunjske.
Croatia is common in the Dalmatian border dosjeverozapadne-For-ar - Novigrad - Obrovac. northwest, along the Velebit Mountains, on the islands of Rab, Cres and Krk, the Tortoise much rarer. Ukontinentalnim regions of our country does not come naturally. relatively ječesta species in the area of ​​the Neretva valley Konavle and naotocima. and the Dubrovnik area, and on the peninsula. Also, people often Jevrem addoption in their gardens.
In populacijakoje inhabit the Balkan Peninsula there are two subspecies, the nominal Testudo hermanni Hermann - Gmelin, 1789 and Testudo hermanniboettgeri - Mojsisovics, 1889. It is relatively easy to tell difference between each two subspecies; need only look at forms of coloration naplastronu. When subspecies T. h. hermanni darker pigmentation jecjelovitija and covers a larger area plastron, while in T. h.boettgeri it a lot less pronounced with larger unpigmented prostoromu central part of plastron.
Appearance Body:
Nogesu short and stocky, the fingers are grown together in the front imaju5 legs, the hind 4 claws. armor is on the upper side of Olive stamnim patterns, the bottom on each side black edge. Nadrepna ilisuprakaudalna plate rear-side armor is still divided iprema it steam. At the top of the tail has a sharp spike, reaches a length of 12 oklopaod - 20 cm, while females Th boettgeri can grow to 25 cm in length.
eats mostly plant foods - leaves, succulent plants and fruits, but sometimes they know and feed on insects, and the carcasses of dead animals in captivity eat fruit, salad leaves and food scraps.
Tortoise Long live in your garden, its easy to get used to your presence. Buddha had food in abundance, Tortoise can live over 50 years

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