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Ugliest animal extinction

Fish Blobfish, which is one of the ugliest animals, recently jedobila another reason for its dismal appearance, due to overfishing could soon become extinct.

Fish Blobfish, which is generally considered ugliest morskimstvorenjem, has recently received yet another reason for its dismal appearance, due to overfishing could soon become extinct.
Specifically, the researchers point out that this sea ​​creatures, which can dosećiveličinu to 30 cm in its natural habitat in jugoistočnojAustraliji lives at depths of 800 meters, often found in networks, although jenejestiva.
The problem is that you live in the same depths as irazne types of cancers, especially so in lobster nets along with them He finishes.
This fish is very easy to end networks, akoliko know is limited to waters south of Australia. Australian inovozelandsko deep sea fishing nets are the most active usvijetu not so good to be blobfish In this part of the world.
Many residents of the seabed affected by this destructive oblikomribarenja. 2006th year, environmental activists have been very blizupostizanja global moratorium on limiting depth ribarenjamrežom, but Iceland is vetoed by the UN no agreement.
Blobfish - Psychrolutes marcidus, has želatinoznomeso, only slightly thicker than the sea. little moves, mostly ilileži cork on the bottom, and even the prey does not actively hunt, but waiting for that final pass. | |

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