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How do monkeys communicate

How do monkeys communicate? Monkeys use different combinations of voices injihove bioznačili as a threat or event.

monkeys use different voices injihove combinations in order to highlight any risks or events, according to a new survey conducted by a team britanskihznanstvenika. Study is another step in solving misterijanastanka or origin of human speech.
The , dvaistraživanja conducted among monkeys Campbell - Campbell Cercopithecuscampbelli found that monkeys combining sound iglasova create different messages. This type of primate alarmimadodaje its simple sounds to create new and then transferred them to kombinirakako additional information.
Human language jenevjerojatno complex, however, it is customary to add nekogprefiksa or suffixes to words change meaning, for example - over + = natural supernatural.
Tim Campbell voting Such antibodies studied monkeys in the Tai National Park, Ivory uObali revealed that these receive very little work slično.Pratili are alpha males in six wild groups who upozoravajuzajednicu about possible hazards and disturbances.
Premaizviješću presented in the journal PLoS One recorded nekolikopotpuno different types of cries, of which three could be opisatikao boom , arm and hok . voice boom monkeys were used when suopazili branch falling on the group. arm are used only when sepribližavao leopard, and CBM is almost exclusively when he threatened opasnostod eagle.
It is interesting to the word boom always remained the same, while the words hoc branch and occasionally adding voice oo to impromijenili meaning. So hoc-oo upozorenjeda used mainly as a shelter in a tree close to the opposing groups of monkeys.
In the second study, researchers explored how Campbell majmunikombiniraju calls.
- Sometimes the monkeys in a series of row 10, 15 or even 20 calls ... so smopokušali understand what encourages them to do so.
Timjah found that the strings consisting only of booms used to seskupina encouraged to travel. When after a couple of booms slijedilonekoliko spoke almost exclusively to mean that a falling branch stabloili.
However, when after two boom followed mješavinakrakova hokova and it is signifying the presence of a foreign group of monkeys ilicijele. |

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