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water and energy

For the life they need three ingredients

NASAs Cassini probe revealed jenedavno strong evidence of liquid water on Saturns Enceladus malommjesecu, which also means that the it could be iživota.
Spacecraft has found a sodium salt in half a month područjujužnog where there are numerous caves in the icy crust, apoznato that liquid water long contact with the rocks from them izvlačinatrij. Thanks to this process and the oceans on Earth have become saline.
researchers in the journal Nature reported to liquid water in the caves in moglanalaziti Enceladusovoj frozen surface. There biplimna movement friction could heat up and melt the ice. If budupotvrđene, this information could mean that the moon, only 500 kilometers in diameter, the most suitable candidate for postojanjeizvanzemaljskog life in the solar system.
For životsu need three ingredients - liquid water, energy and basic kemijskiblokovi - and it appears that all three exist on Enceladus, including Ineke highly complex organic molecules, said John Spencer izSouthwest Research Institute in Boulder.
This does not mean datvrdimo that there is life on Enceladus, however, there are svisastojci necessary for its survival if it has, explained Spencer.
Scientists are looking at Enceladus sodium since 2005. year kadaje Water from it rises through mrežupukotina in less ice in the reservoir from which even in area tigrovihpruga evaporated salt free.
Water droplets vjerojatnopodižu air bubbles in it - as in carbonated water, explained jeFrank Postberg of the Max Planck Institute in Germany. These droplets sesmrzavaju and then accelerate through the cracks in the icy crust.
scientists still say that the existence of liquid water on Enceladus jošuvijek not a proven fact, since there are other mogućaobjašnjenja observed phenomena. It would could be warm ice kojiisparava into space. Even it could be friction on ice korauzrokovanom tidal movements which could emerge vodakoja liquid evaporates into space, said Professor Nicholas Schneider, odautora a report in the journal Nature.

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