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Canis SHIELD moderate temperatures

Scientists have discovered the first planet with umjerenomtemperaturama rival any found on Earth, and used tehnikabit be important to continue searching for other planets outside Sunčevogsustava, and the highest paid in the constellation shield

Scientists have discovered the first planet with moderate temperaturamanalik what those found on Earth, a technique used važnaza will continue searching for other planets outside our solar system.
Planet called Corot- 9b is one of about 400 exoplanets discovered orbiting other stars uorbitama, however, is the first that has a similar temperaturevrlo earth. orbits a star, Corot-9 around 1500svjetlosnih years away in the constellation Shield - Scutum. Temperatures on Corot-9bkreću from -20 to 160 degrees. Named after the francuskomsatelitu CoRoT-in who is looking for new planets.
Terms of exoplanets down during transit or prolaskaplaneta front of its parent star.
This exoplanet is a normal temperate conditions. Although we otkrilidesetak like this so far is the first whose properties can be thoroughly explored.
Corot-9b is the first exoplanet that stvarnonalikuje planets in our solar system. - Size poputJupiterove him, and the size of Mercurys orbit - he added.

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