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Earths atmosphere gases

Despite the large quantities of atmospheric gases, nearly five putadeset to 25 molecules per second

Scientists are shocked kadasu recently discovered that the planet Earth is losing more of the atmosphere of Mars iVenere, which have almost negligible magnetic fields.
This suggests that our magnetic shield may not so safe zaštitaod sunlight as previously believed.
- often you talk to are very happy to live on the planet sasnažnim magnetic field that protects us from all kinds of temptations kojesvemir sent to us, cosmic rays, solar flares and winds , ... explains Christopher Russell, a professor of geophysics and space physics nakalifornijskom University in Los Angeles.
Although jemagnetno field, says Russell, is very useful in some slučajevima.No, as far as atmosphere, the field does more harm than good.
Russell came to this conclusion last month velikojkonferenciji dedicated to comparative planetology.
- three of us who have worked on Earth, Venus and Mars, decided smousporediti notes and then we realized that everything we talked odmagnetnom field is not completely true - said Russell.
main problem is the current of charged particles emitted from the sun, called solar wind pojavakoju.
- Interaction Wind with Venus and Mars is very simple. Solarnivjetar simply come to the planets magnetic field and carrying that jeomotano around the planet, drags part of the ionosphere - Russell explained.
However, Earths magnetic field communicate with the solar wind, absorbing its energy is transferred to the atmosphere through magnetnihlinija.
- Wind passes around large magnetic barriers, and kakote two forces are not free of friction between them leads to reaction-story Russell.
result of their interactions, except pojavepolarne light, and warming the Earths atmosphere to the point ukojoj atmospheric gases escape to the upper layers where they otpuhujesolarni wind.
- The visible manifestation of the interaction jepolarna light. solar energy to the magnetosphere responds štouzrokuje its luster. But even a lot of things, invisible to the human eye, it happens then - says Scott Bailey of the Center for svemirskaistraživanja at Virginia Polytechnic Institute.
Usprkosvelikim quantities of atmospheric gases, nearly five times ten to 25molekula per second, which disappear with the solar wind, znanstveniciističu there is no reason to panic. If you lose the atmosphere nastaviovim rhythm, Earths atmosphere will not remain after nekolikomilijardi years.
- The goal of research is to understand why seponašanje atmosphere of Venus, Mars and Earth are so different though suplaneti actually very similar - concluded Russell, adding that skolegama just completed a research paper in detail objašnjavaproblem disappearance of the atmosphere. |

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