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Curiosity about the universe speaks to our sense of smell stvorenotako to respond to molecules uatmosferi, but according to Pettit seems to be the vacuum can cause određenipodražaj in the nose ...

Although it is difficult to say what would uzrakopraznom space could create a sense of smell, one of stanovnikaMeđunarodne Space Station - ISS, Don Pettit, is convinced that it jedoživio. Our sense of smell has been created to respond to molecules uatmosferi, but it seems to Pettit that the vacuum can cause određenipodražaj in the nose. It is a time driven vacuum cabin krozkoju his colleagues in the ISS went out walking in the universe. Each putkada to open the cabin so that the astronauts went into it, felt bineobičan smell. At first he did not know what attributed to him, but with vremenomje noticed that smell like the space suits, gloves, space suit and other equipment. smell was stronger on predmetimaizrađenim of some types of fabric, and less on hard plastic or metalnimpovršinama.Pettit that smell pleasant, sweet and metallic , nalikna odor that had previously felt when he worked with the appliance zazavarivanje. | | |

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