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Polluting the earth coal, oil and gas

All the forecasts say it will use more energy and ćeudio coal, oil and gas 2030th still be about 80 posto.Zagađivanje countries will lead to problems.

Climate change
supovezane directly using the energy in the world. All forecasts indicate that the sekoristiti more energy and that the share of coal, oil and gas 2030.još still be around 80 percent.
It means that we must not samorazviti technology for renewable energy and implementiratidalekosežne measures for energy efficiency, we must develop itehnologije limiting greenhouse gas emissions from fosilnihgoriva. Both approaches are possible, and the rich countries must be prvojcrti technological development and reduce emissions.
International Energy Agency - IEA predicts that the globalnapotražnja energy increase by 45 percent by 2030. if not promijenimokurs in climate and energy policy. Agency fears that seglobalna temperature could increase by six degrees Celsius. Tobi was a disaster. We have achieved a drastic reduction in emissions - čak85 percent by 2050.
renewable energy and energetskaučinkovitost main strategies are needed for the development of society niskerazine carbon. We must persevere to solve the worlds recesijskeprijetnje by investing in initiatives to reduce klimatskihpromjena using increase efforts to develop solutions energetskihproblema future. Switch to renewable energy will lead ćeuštedama, innovation, sustainability, new jobs and boljemokolišu.
But there are other technological napredovanjaželimo to stop global warming. We can not wait to noviizvori energy becomes available to replace coal, oil and fuel plin.Fosilna will continue to dominate the energy mix has mnogogodina. Therefore it is crucial to develop technologies that can reduce emisijuiz these fuels.
CCS, carbon capture methods and njegovaskladištenja, has the potential to reduce emissions from coal-gas for 85 to 95 percent. This technology involves capturing CO2 injegovo safe storage in geological structures. CCS nijedizajniran to save the oil industry. However, it will help save the world odglobalnog warming.
in Norway especially povoljnompoložaju to contribute to the fight against climate change through daljnjegrazvoja CCS. since 1996., Norway separating one million tonnes of CO2 per year izplinskih Sleipner field, North Sea, and injects it into geološkuformaciju 1000 meters below the seabed in the North Sea.
A few research projects to be financed from EU funds, monitor the stored CO2 from the Sleipner field and found that nemacurenja. Norwegian government currently has a huge investment in uMongstadu test center on the west coast of Norway, where the ongoing razvojkombiniranog plant for heating and electricity with the object of full scale carbon zazarobljavanje.
It will capture about 1.3 tonnes of CO2 per year from the new plant and an additional million tons of refinery odpostojeće. goal is to proizvodienergiju power plant without CO2 emissions. According to the International Energy Agency, CCSće represent about 20 percent of the required emission reductions. In razvijenimzemljama this technology will have to lead to the abolition of the required emissions okopolovice.
In many countries in the ongoing projects zarazvoj better and cheaper CCS technologies. will need mnogapilot-plants like the one at Mongstad ago than tehnologijepostanu CCS commercially viable. aim of establishing the EU to 12 operabilnihpilot-CCS plants by 2015. sends a clear political message about the potential and technology. As praiseworthy initiative that otvoriglobalni Australian CCS Institute.
Barack Obama offers hope to the world jerporučuje that investments in clean energy may be important načinoživljavanja growth economies. Some European countries have already pokazalepotencijal such a proactive and forward-looking approach. |

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