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Pollution of the environment dangerous to life

Like tumors are ... dark, dirty, polluted ... These are ecological crnerupe relatively small in terms of population living in the vicinity, nozabrinjavajuće is that they are often unknown to the same environment is horrible stanovništvo.Zagađivanje large so that it becomes life threatening.

like tumors are ... dark, dirty, polluted ... našemplanetukoji cancer, no matter how we try, do not stop and will metastasize nasdoći head. Malignant cities are creations of the Institute Blacksmith - international non-profit organization that is itself preuzelarješavanje pollution hazardous to life - declared contaminated naZemlji. These ecological black holes are relatively small in tičestanovništva who lives nearby, but this is worrying as čestonepoznanica the same population. Lead from the factory for reciklažumetala dangerously threatens the health of inhabitants of the Peruvian town of La Oroya.Svejedno, though more than 10 million people bear less višeteške brutal consequences of negligence as to the nature and premaljudima, since it suffers not only nature, but cancer-causing pollution, a number of malformations in newborns short life span, mentalnuretardaciju. by Sort by pollution would not make sense, since each of them gives the same danger to life.
Chernobyl on the top
Chernobyl certainly known in this society. small town in Ukraine has become popular for jeplanetarno 15 kilometers away elektraničiji nuclear reactor was blown 1986th year. The combination nesigurnogdizajna Soviet nuclear reactor and human error prouzročenaje explosion that destroyed one of four nuclear power reactors učernobilskoj.
eksplozijaoštetila is relatively small reactor, which Keyword ate dangerous compounds whose use is banned in Europe, and the water in tomindijskom town is full of chrome.
Dangerous recycling
Drugopostrojenje, what to recycle batteries, the main problem Haine uDominikanskoj Republic. Recycling plants are often velikizagađivači environment, and these problems are usually present in siromašnimzemljama. Water in Haina has long been drinking, and because of the large količinekemijskih matter and lead, increased incidence of malformations kodnovorođenčadi. To the south, in Peru, is also struggling with olovom.Velika U.S. Doe Run Corporation - metal recycling, in the manner svihvelikih corporation earns a dollar polluting LaOroye residents, a town that was poisoned by its factory, which is a leader usvijetu the amount of lead released. Lead is the cancer of uRusiji and, more specifically, it flourishes in the city called Rudnaya Pristan.Posljedice Chernobyl disaster as they feel today, after 24 years / EPA How else to explain the shocking fact that there svakodijete has 20 times the amount of lead in blood is of paramount dopuštenekoličina in the United States. Kabwe in Zambia is still jedanod cities in which the breathing air polluted with lead normal, all residents are 10 times more lead in their blood than dopušteno.Rusija the home even in some megazagađivaču. In the Norilsk smelting plant nalazinajveća heavy metals in the world, while Dzierzhynski velikosredište Russian chemical industry in the past was one odnajvećih manufacturer of chemical weapons. Because of its strategic importance, until recently was closed to foreign visitors.

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