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Environmental pollution

According to estimates, a vegetarian a year emits 1.5 tonnes manjestakleničkih gases from a person who eats meat. But that is not realnoočekivati ​​that all meat lovers to go vegetarian, useful and one day give up meat

Atmospheric Pollution
To alleviate posljediceglobalnog warming, become a vegetarian, said lordNicholas Stern, former World Bank chief economist and now profesorna London School of Economics.
Wider world the public is known as the author so. oklimi Stern report in 2006. year.
- Meat production is associated with the spread of water and leads to velikeemisije greenhouse gas emissions. This creates enormous pressure on svjetskeresurse, so a vegetarian diet is better - said Stern for the British urazgovoru Times on the occasion of the upcoming climate conference uKopenhagenu. | - There was a time that people ozbiljnorazmisle that can reduce the effects of global warming, štouključuje and their diet. I have 61 years and my prehranaradikalno changed over the student days - said Sternkoji is largely converted to vegetarianism.
Dietary habits
But the UN estimates show that the global production of meat od2001. until 2050. doubled.
This will largely be due to changes in dietary habits Accountants economic powers like China, India and Brazil where jekonzumacija meat in the past ten years increased by 33 percent.
To the livestock and meat production is a large source of emissions stakleničkihplinova confirm all scientific studies.
example, nine per cent of carbon dioxide and 18 percent ukupneemisije greenhouse gases associated with human activity comes oduzgoja cattle. Cows, sheep, pigs and other animals, which uzgajamoradi meat and milk, give 37-percent contribution to the emission of methane imačak 25 times higher global warming potential of CO2.
contribute most to global warming 1.4 billion cows and bikovana our planet. Scientists have calculated that the production of beef jednogkilograma resulting emission whose potential is equal to oko36, 4 pounds of carbon dioxide. It is larger than the emissions during trisata drive, and energy consumption is the same as when bismožarulju 100 watts of power left to burn continuously for 20 days.
Chicken Production one pound of cheese generates about 20 pounds ugljičnogdioksida, while one kilogram of pork leads to emission of this gas around devetkilograma.
of meat, chicken is environmentally acceptable where one kilogramgenerira about 3.3 pounds of carbon dioxide.
In contrast to meat, vegetables generate much less emissions: pšeniceodgovaran kilogram is 0.91 pounds of carbon dioxide and carrot proizvodnjakilograma leads to the release of 0.36 kg of the ozloglašenogplina.
stars want no meat
Premaprocjenama, vegetarian annually emits 1.5 tonnes less stakleničkihplinova from a person who eats meat. But thats not realistic to expect that CESVI meat lovers switch to vegetarianism, it is useful and one danodreći the meat. Accordingly launched the campaign Monday bezmesa , which are supported by celebrities such as Paul McCartney and his kćeriStelle, Sir Richard Branson, Kevin Spacey and Woody Harrelson. | |

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