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Polluted environment cup of black coffee,

How the polluted environment? Few of us can imagine life bezkave. However, we should have a plan that is a cup of black coffee is responsible for the emission of 125 grams ugljičnogdioksida. Enjoying a cup of instant coffee will reduce emission levels to 80grama.

Have you ever wondered how many green in everyday life? British scientist Dave S. Reay, who baviistraživanjem environment, calculate how much is our ekocijena navikapoput drinking coffee, buying the latest fashion line or fascinacijesofisticiranim gadgets.
first Coffee
Few of nasmože imagine life without coffee. However, one should bear in mind that coffee šalicacrne responsible for the emission of 125 grams of carbon dioxide. ušalici pleasure of instant coffee will reduce emission levels to 80 grams. Konzumirateli instant coffee six days a week, it is 175 pounds emisijeugljičnog dioxide annually, equivalent to an emission letaavionom from Rome to London. Do you drink, in addition, coffee with milk, your processes is to increase the level of emissions by one third because methane is nusproduktuzgoja cattle. | second
toilet paper toilet paper production sector is not only swallows energijunego and causes the destruction of forests. Therefore, in some European zemljamapočeli promote the use of recycled paper. Korištenjerecikliranog toilet paper is a significant contribution to energy saving ivode. Each pound of recycled paper saves 30 liters of water and izmeđutri and four per kWh of electricity.
third electronic devices and gadgets
Some plasma screens are big polluters of the atmosphere, responsible for emisijuoko tons of carbon dioxide annually. pollute the atmosphere and remanded in recent years, devices used to heat the terrace cafes because zasvega four hours of work responsible for the emission of about 10 pounds ugljičnogdioksida.
fourth Fast Fashion
iodjeće Textile production is associated with large emissions of carbon dioxide. Tomepridonosi and fast fashion, when in a short time to throw as many tržištenastoji clothing collection. why every year millions of tons naZapadu neiznošene end clothing in the trash.
fifth Leftovers
American households throw away third of food in the garbage, which a year iznosioko 48 billion dollars. |

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