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VUČEDOL Culture and doves

Vucedol cultures occurred precisely at Vučedol, where they are located and njezininajstariji. Vucedol dove is the most famous keramičkaposuda arheološkihiskopina at Vučedol.

at 3000. Pr. Kr. Sevučedolska culture occurs when the Vučedol 2000 and has about 3000 inhabitants, teje was talking about one of the most important centers of the time.
This culture came just at Vučedol where are her najstarijinalazi. sets here in southern Hungary, on the other side premaSlavonskom Brod and the area indicates the center spread of this culture.
People in this culture Vučedol dealt with livestock, is probably the oldest breed of cattle on world, and in prehranigovedina makes 85%, while in Vinkovci, because prisutnostišuma, hunted and ate deer are mostly - about 75% of food uprehrani was deer meat. Vučedol were found in the ruins of the trout, which Danube was not, and is purchased from elsewhere. This jeprva culture plates used for serving food only jedneosobe while they had used common containers for food.
Vucedol culture ends about 2,400. pr. Kr. Vucedol dove jenajpoznatija ceramic vessel with arheološkihiskopina at Vučedol. modeled in the form of a dove, has become a symbol odnajprepoznatljivijih city of Vukovar, in the vicinity nalaziVučedol.

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