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History and geography

You can learn from history and read about geography and history of the world. The history of Rome, Europe, America, Asia.


Weather map weather will be

If you travel somewhere, its always interesting to know what will follow vasvrijeme. This is in line vremenoslovlje, weather map, or, popularly speaking, meteorology ...

Time Zones
izmislioje Sanford Fleming railway companies because of the need to have istolokalno time between the railway station.
Time Suzon was first introduced December 18, 1883. In, when željezniceSAD and Canada first established time zones - four standardnekontinentalne time zones of North America.
So višenije any confusion, because they once had thousands of local time. Svjetskouvođenje time zones occurred the following year.
On the other hand if you travel somewhere, its always interesting to know the quality of your time to follow. This is in line vremenoslovlje or popularnijerečeno, meteorology.
Meteorology studies promjenevremena around us. It belongs to a group of geophysical sciences. odglavnih Some phenomena are studied the amount and type of precipitation, thunderstorms, tornadoes, tropical cyclones and typhoons. utjecajvremena important to humans and human activity has led to the development of science oprognoziranju time.
With the development of meteorology and opened the possibility of its iskorištavanjau everyday life for people. This prompted the emergence of the first organizacijui meteorological services, and develop knowledge of international cooperation velikojvažnosti. People are quick to realize that time imeteorološka events do not recognize national boundaries and to cross granicekontinenata.

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