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You can learn from history and read about geography and history of the world. The history of Rome, Europe, America, Asia.


WATER ON EARTH The depth of the ocean

Each year, fresh water flows into the ocean in the ever-increasing extent, the study team of scientists associated with the occurrence svečešćim and extreme storms caused by global warming.

Every year fresh vodapritječe the oceans in an increasing extent - the study found that ekipeznanstvenika phenomenon associated with more frequent and extreme olujamakoje the consequences of global warming.
Prvojstudiji It is this kind of attention to alarming increase in the inflow of water oceans, which is a direct consequence of increased storms and obilnijihpadavina that are driven by global warming.
Godišnjiporast water inflow is 1.5 percent, which does not seem much, notijekom few decades, so much the amount of water and becomes uistinuimpozantna concern.
For purposes of this study were used satellite data of sea level, precipitation and evaporation collected over 13 years.

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