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People for an hour can learn more of each other than tame animals in several months. It is very important to know how to talk, and verbal communication skills.

VERBAL courtship allows people to tell their life pričubrzo and confidential.
People an hour can learn more about one another than they moguživotinje in several months. In the first few hours of exciting čavrljanjajedno else will talk about their families, the past and sadašnjimvezama, about children, friendships, colleagues, adventures, travels, ideological beliefs, hobbies, interests, ambitions and planovima.Nakon several months of sexual connection, the lovers are usually very dobropoznaju and know a lot the spouses life, from childhood dodanas. In contrast, chimpanzees can never get izravneinformacije partner of former experience or plans.
I can only make a few općenitihzaključaka of personality on the basis of social behavior and its all on štoim available to decide on the selection of partners. Language namomogućuje to learn a lot about a potential partner - and todjelotvornije and more interactive than it can any other vrsta.Jesu the life stories and a reliable indicator of anything? Who was uiskušenju while sitting on a plane next to a stranger potpunoizmišljenu tell a story about yourself, including a new name, origin, profession?
Are we exchange life stories with their partnerimapokazatelj anything? However, despite the fact that most people svoježivotne distorts the story more or less equal measure, considered by they are ipakvaljana basis for the selection of partners.
But, as you know svakipolicajac undercover, false biography logičkimnedosljednostima subject, claims that can be refuted, poznavanjusporednih insufficient information. Life stories that we discover in the days and remain tjednimaudvaranja relatively credible thanks to logical, empirical, and social pressures. Certainly, we present our life the best possible light. Rather negopogreške mention your achievements. In their life stories are presented as the main junacivelike adventure of his life, and not as Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern in the play where someone else played Hamlet. Despite većinaljudi distorts their life stories in a more or less equal measure, ones still a valid basis for the selection of partners. At least in the beginning, our sepriča not compare with the truth, but with equally iskrivljenompričom our sexual rivals. you to their hearts overstate pričuo package tour in Bermuda while your opponent remembers how jeletio spaceship as commander of the mission. obojeskrivate Even if you have experienced poverty and believe in yourself, potencijalnapartnerica can still conclude that the pilot svemirskimbrodom worth a billion dollars a better indicator of the ability negovikend drinking in a club.
Our ancestors did not moglipohvaliti that were flown in Earth orbit, but it can not većinanas. Our lives are generally safe and sedentary compared snjihovima so that our life stories are perhaps less dramatic property that talk about how we face the challenges and how sesnalazimo in emergencies.
By acquiring sexual zrelostinaši ancestors would have been behind many close encounters with animals opasnimdivljim, some experience with physical violence, many stories oputovanjima at various places and encounters with hostile tribes članovimadrugih. By the middle years would see a lot of injuries and deaths, lost many relatives, have experienced disease and hunger. Men bidoživjeli that age to know what means to kill a large and dangerous animal, amožda and what it means to kill another man. Women would previously pretrpjelespontane abortions, difficult births, the childs death, many men are sexually kojibi they imposed, banish them, raped them and maybe. Našisu ancestors could talk very meaningful life stories. When životnepriče become important in verbal courtship, our ancestors were not počeliprocjenjivati only the appearance of potential partners but also prošlaiskustva. Thanks to language, the whole history of an individual postalaje part of his extended phenotype in courtship. Therefore jeseksualna selection began favor any mental osobinikoja could produce attractive past. Sounds like paradoksputovanja over time, but not so . It just means that seksualnaselekcija could favor genes for good autobiographical memory, a tendency toward risky adventures or convincing suzdržanseksualni life without too much infidelity.
upućujena handicap principle that sexual selection may even favor mazohističkojsklonosti unpleasant situations because ability prevladavanjateškoća revealing ability. Even in the midst of carnage mehaniziranogratovanja, or the intellectual scaffold for a job interview, čovjekuvijek may think: This will one day be a phenomenal story. Through memory and language, we can clean the expense of our ability from past - such as physical injury, or social maladjustment upouzdan indicator of the ability to convert the present - the story of vlastitojsposobnosti to heal without any lasting effect or to prevladamodepresiju.
Sexual selection could have verbal courtship jereorganizirati our minds to other ways, giving priority sposobnostiartikuliranja wider range of our mental processes. ago than sejezik developed, the animals probably had many reasons zaintrospekciju their thoughts and feelings. If introspection does not lead doadoptivnog behavior, evolution can not favor her.
However, once the verbal courtship became important pritisakseksualne selection could strongly encouraged to develop čovjekovesposobnosti consciously experienced thoughts and feelings that upravljajunjegovim behavior and words to express what is proživio.Ljubavnici sometimes say: Words can not express what I feel prematebi, but this method of giving attention typically precede satistrastvenog chatting or making love.
eloquent people moguizraziti all conscious experience. How sexual choice pogodovaoverbalnom samorazotkrivanju, so perhaps aggravated by the proširenjusvjesnog experiencing. broadband channel that leads from the perception, consciousness and memory over to the articulation of communication, according to svemuje peculiar only to people . Only when sexual selection počeofavorizirati possibility of reporting on subjective experiences - spojavom mental institution for the settlement of debts that we call consciousness-emerged and our introspektivnesposobnosti unusually promiscuous, so it seems that we are aware of the current approach takovelikom range of impressions, ideas and feelings. It can zaštofilozofski explain consciousness descriptions often sound like a love lyric - filozofiuma like teenagers in love, constantly talking about roses redness, emotional charge of music, the soft warmth of the skin and internal egzistencijalnojusamljenosti me. Philosophers are wondering why there are such subjektivnaiskustva, given that they are not relevant for our survival, and love teens know perfectly well that their success uljubavi depends partly on how convincingly demonstrate estetskuosjetljivost aware of their own pleasures.
evolucijskipritisci Those who urge us to talk about their conscious doživljajimamožda even influence how we see and categorize stvari.Psihologinja Jennifer Freyd argues that some of our customized requirements kognitivnihprocesa verbal divisibility. For example, perhaps we tend to perceive some naturally continuous phenomena kaozasebnih just because its easier than verbally zasebnukategoriju mark a point on the continuum of vaguely specified.
person per Besides, we usually talk about other people - the language is mostly bavitračanjem. evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar jetračanje assumes that helped our ancestors to follow a number of social ties negošto would be able to direct observation and direct interaction. Razgovorse proved more effective way maintaining friendships negotimarenje. If gossip is explained as social grooming možemoobjasniti why include so many expressing sympathy. idea datračanje helps maintain a large number of relationships explains why tračkatkad sounds like quite a methodical review of the state of each društvenogodnosa that are familiar with both speakers.
We are zapitatikoju information about yourself suitor reveals. That would be worth listening to, gossip must be new, but also a compelling interest, such općenitoznači it must contain new, verifiable information on zajedničkimznancima. not interested in us the old news about old friends, Nitin news of complete strangers. | | |

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