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Space bodies Dark matter 3D

Astronomers have for the first time managed to make three-dimensional kartutamne substance that is believed to constitute most of svemira.Postojanje dark matter is even hinted 1933rd year, however, dodanas is no one failed to see any of them to explain onasastoji

Astronomers at prviput managed to make three-dimensional map of dark matter which sevjeruje that constitutes much of the dark svemira.Postojanje tvarinagoviješteno more 1933rd year, however, to date no one nijeuspio see or explain why the it is composed.
Calculations made by the gravitational effects on visible tamnetvari mysterious substance in order to show the first should be baremšest times more than all that we see or touch.
What is dark matter?
Scientists working on the Hubble telescope have managed these dananapraviti map that shows how the unseen matter is distributed usvemiru. team of 70 experts from several countries in the world focused hay in an area which is located about half a million galaksijastarih about seven billion years, which is about half starostisvemira . They are investigating how the gravity of dark tvaridjeluje the movement of light through the area. In fact, dark matter nezrači no electromagnetic waves and is invisible. But njezinagravitacija attracts the photons of light and bends their putanjekao kind of gravitational lenses. So dark matter distorts the shapes of ugalaksijama behind it, like a series of small lenses.
shown that dark matter makes some sort of skeleton or network sčvorovima and threads between them, on which rests tvar.Zanimljivo apparent that the results fully coincide with očekivanjimaznanstvenika.
biggest surprise of our map is how jeon in line with our expectations.
According to current theory, shortly after the Big Bang, dark tvaroblikovala the first large structures in space that are then collapsed podvlastitom weight and create large halos. Gravitational forces tihaureola sucked the ordinary matter and create centers formiranjagalaksija.Znanstvenici, however, warn that some questions about tamnojtvari remain unanswered. Although one might expect that along to the place where he recorded the existence of dark matter found ividljiva substance it is not always so. Experts have discovered some nakupinetamne substances that are naked ie without any visible traces of substances around njih.Jedan possible answer is that it is a forest in the data, but this research should confirm tekbuduća.

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