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You can learn from history and read about geography and history of the world. The history of Rome, Europe, America, Asia.


Mediterranean MAP

Mediterranean Sea map, scientists have discovered details okatastrofalnoj flood that filled up the Mediterranean basin prijepet million years.

Scientists have discovered details about the disastrous flood that vodomispunila Mediterranean basin five million years ago.
Flooding is caused when the waters of the Atlantic Ocean dug200 kilometers carved passage through Gibraltar. Study, presented in časopisuNature, shows that took about two years to pool ispunivodom.
team led by Daniel Garcia-Castellanos izIstraživačkog center of Spain based on their results proučavanjutektonskih lake. research process drying mountain jezerakroz erosion has enabled them to create models that are out simuliralipoplavu Zancleana time - early Pliocene.
For the first time we managed to link the amount of water that is prolazilakanalom the size of the erosion that eventually caused.
Mediterranean basin filled with water and svebrže quickly as erosion deepen the channel. najdramatičnijimtrenucima The sea level rose by 10 meters a day.
In some previous studies, the process took much longer even do10.000 years. At that time they lived on Earth early human preciaustralopitekusi.

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