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Northern gateway

Parts of the passage of the North are already known to sail ifinski Russian ships, but it was deemed unreliable

consequences globalnogzatopljenja Backed by the tamed Arctic sea ice, the two succeeded njemačkimbrodovima is what the international community većgodinama dreamers.
Successfully, without more help Icebreakers savladaliSjeverni passage , maritime shortcut between Asia and the West coast zaleđenurusku and took the world title in the commercial plovidbitom dangerous, so far unconquerable route.
drove 3500 tons of cargo ships
German company Beluga Group, Beluga Fraternity and BelugaForesight, its the maritime odyssey, with natovarani 3500 tonagrađevinskog materials, started in South Korea end of July. Nakonprolaska toughest part has the most prominent part of the Siberian coast, the Strait Vilkicki, they succeeded, with the accompaniment of preventive ruskognuklearnog icebreaker seize the Siberian port Jamburg.
- Jakosmo proud and happy that we are the first western naval prijevozničkakompanija who has successfully passed the legendary Northern passage and sigurnodostavila sensitive cargo, despite the extremely demanding marine-stated Nils Stolberg, president of the Beluga Group. The jeustvrdio that their voyage was not experiment but početakotvaranja and routes for international traffic.
Parts Sjevernogprolaza are already known to sail the Russian and Finnish ships, but it sesmatrala unreliable. Germans success proved that he hoped to tajpomorski time, due to melting ice, into a reliable and inexpensive morskurutu, which could compete with the summer packed with the Suez Canal, is realized.
northern passage, namely, less than južnihpomorskih variation of the Japanese Yokohama to Rotterdam for even more occupeid thousand kilometers, which represents a significant time but inovčanu savings due to the smaller amount of fuel.
There are glaciers
Although some parts of najzahtjevnih times showed mačjimkašljem, as for example in the Strait Vilkicki samopolovinu ice covered sea the maritime route remains a challenge. More to jošuvijek, even during the summer months, largely located SEA, due to global warming and icebergs float dijelovimamora those in which up to now are not. However, the Russians are planning to cut prices ledolomacai rescue teams. |

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