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Battle of Sisak history

Battle of Sisak took place June 22, 1593. About renesansneutvrde Sisak, now known as Old Town, which was, at the confluence of the Kupa USAV, 1544th began to build the Zagreb Archdiocese to defend HrvatskogaKraljevstva.

Battle of Sisak played se22. June 1593. About Sisak Renaissance fortress, now known filename Old Town, which was, at the confluence of the Kupa and Sava rivers, 1544th began graditiZagrebački the Capitol to the defense of the Croatian Kingdom.
Nakonšto the Ottoman Sultan Murad III. the 1590th made peace with Persia, began incursions of the Turks westward, until Carniola, Styria iKoruške.
German Emperor and Croatian-Hungarian king, Rudolf II., he sent therefore envoys to Constantinople to the October 29 sklopiliprimirje that was supposed to last 8 years. However, under pritiskomvojničkih laps at his house, Murat the following year zazapovjednika its units in that area of ​​pasture-raised beglerbegaHasan Predojević, known the militancy of their campaigns.
Preparations for battle
After a few wins Croatian Ban Thomas Bakača Erdödy bosanskije beylerbey still managed to win the Bihac, Croatia is truly bilasvedena the remains of the remains - Lat. reliquiae reliquiarum . Turks sepočeli gather at Petrinja, which had previously been burned odlukomHrvatskog Parliament, and they camped there on the left bank of the Kupa, raising Yeni Hisar fort.
So they came nasuprotpokupske defensive line, where, between Karlovac - built in 1579th iSiska found a series of small forts. Because of military failure, the army set čelokršćanske Eggenberg Ruprecht, and April 27 1593proglašena a decision on sending ground armies to Vojnojkrajini.
Turks began their strength run većpočetkom June June 14 won Drencina a day I have kasnijeopkolili Sisak with approximately 12,000 soldiers. pokretuturske The news of the army, near St. Clare, near Zagreb gathered about 5,000 boracahrvatske, Frontier, Carinthia and Carniola army to make premaSisku , where there were only 800 soldiers under the command of the canon and Matthias BlažaĐuraka Fintić.
In this is a joint kršćanskojvojsci Germans commanded by the Duke Ruprecht Eggenberg, Assmann banToma Croats, Slovenes and Karlovac General Andrew Auersperg. By Siskasu arrived June 22, led Erdödyja ban, and the Coupe Esau fought with the Turks, who had previously been switched from right to left bank of the Kupa.
This first attack by the Croatian snage.Nakon what the Turks refused to part, Slovenian and German are strijelciodbili Turkish counterattack, and pressed the Turks, who were moralipovući to Buy.
In the meantime, the sak izutvrde crew came and took the small bridge that crossed to the right bank of the Kupa, so teje Turks closed retreat. They did not therefore remain ništadrugo than to attempt to swim across the river and thus find salvation. sepritom Many were drowned, among them Hasan Pasha Predojević. Turskevojske the rest ran away, leaving behind weapons and supplies.
This battle is a battle and reason for the war as it July 17 Turks objaviliHabsburškoj Monarchy - called Long War, 1593rd to 1606th. For this, 28 August rataTurci Sisak still won, but after a year danaoslobođen.
Despite this, Battle of Sisak was prekretnicakoja indicated stopping the Turkish penetration further into Europe, AIMA is a substantial psychological impact, because it was the first battle nakonKrbavske a balance on the Croatian-Turkish border.
soon toured Europe and the printed leaflet which has been shown prvavelika victory united Christian forces in Central Europe protivturske Army, a Christian army commanders praised papaKlement VIII., German Emperor Rudolf II. and the Spanish King Philip II.Svedo today, as a token of gratitude for the victory at the Battle of Sisak zvonozagrebačke little cathedral sounds each day at 14 hours. |

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