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Tunguska mystery has caused over the past 100 years brojnerasprave, however, was never definitively determined whether it izazvaometeorit, comet or asteroid

Scientists have discovered a new informacijekoje could explain what caused the massive explosion that 1908.godine in the Tunguska area in Siberia shaken between 60 and 80 milijunastabala. It is estimated that the explosion had a force of some 1000 atomskihbombi were dropped on Hiroshima , or 20 million tons of TNT.
According to the new theory, represented in the journal Geophysical ResearchLetters, this is a big culprit for the destruction of icy comet from which the vodaisparila before hitting the ground, or explosion.
Tunguskimisterij caused in the past 100 years, numerous discussions, however, was never definitively determined whether it was caused by a meteorite, comet iliasteroid. Some theories have went so far as to attack the eksplozijuoptužile antimatter or shipwrecked alien letjelice.Dojam secrecy reinforced the fact that never otkriveniveći parts of the celestial object nor its crater.
Experts now believe that the explanation lies in the phenomenon svijetlihnoćnih cloud after the explosion were recorded in many europskimzemljama especially the UK. A similar phenomenon was observed later upolarnim areas after take-off of U.S. ICBM Endeavour iDiscovery. Being driven by liquid hydrogen and oxygen and letjeliceprilikom launch into the atmosphere, releasing huge amounts of water - višeod 300 tons - which is distributed in the upper atmosphere and clouds stvarajuvisoke.
Scientists until recently could not razjasnitikako the water vapor huge speed reaches the earths poles udaljenihviše of 8000 km. However, Michael Kelley of Cornell University injegovi colleagues explain that this is the so-called. dvodimenzionalnojturbulenciji.
This occurs when some force, primjericemagnetsko field, prevents liquids three-dimensional širenje.Rezultat is that they spread much faster in two dimensions where imkretanje is not limited. team believes that the water vapor was zarobljenau such as two-dimensional layer and spread rapidly to velikeudaljenosti toward the poles.
There is a rapid transport of material thousands of miles in a very short time, and there is no model that predicted the Bito. This is completely new and unexpected physics, said Kelley jeprofesor.
Based on this theory assumes that a comets outer ice layer evaporated during passage krozatmosferu. This water vapor is formed in high clouds that are dijelovimaatmosfere, sunlit, long after its sunset, illuminated the night sky. |

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