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RING Saturns temperature

The ring starts about six million kilometers of the planet and extends to the border sesvete twelve million miles. Although golemiprsten vrlohladan, lows is about minus 160 degrees Celsius.

NASAs Space Telescope Spitzerdošao to an incredible discovery and the largest ever seen Saturnovogprstena, published by the American space agency.
Tankamreža particles of ice and dust stretching to the edge Saturnovogsvemira, and the sloping by 27 degrees in relation to major prstenoveplinovitog giant.
Ring is very dispersed and do not reflect mnogosvjetlosti, but the Spitzer telescope, which operates in the infrared spectrum, it is able to detect.
Although the large ring vrlohladan, lows is about minus 160 degrees Celsius, the namanevidljivom universe radiates heat radiation.
No one before had turned his telescope with infrared instruments premazagonetnim rings of Saturn.
ring starts about six million kilometers from the planet and stretches the limits testimony of twelve million kilometers. It is big enough daobuhvati billion Earth-sized planets. Saturns moon Febaobritira megaprstena inside and it is believed that it was he izvormaterijala to create this space phenomena.
Before ovogneobičnog discovery of Saturn are believed to have seven glavnihprstenova, designated A to E with a few pale and neimenovanihprstenovima.
Giant would ring could be the explanation for the puzzle once more, Saturns satellite Iapetus, whose vrlosvjetla one side while the other is very dark .
ring around Saturn orbit uistom direction as Phoebe while Iapetus, the other main ring tevećina satellites moving in the opposite direction. sematerijal Scientists believe that the outer ring moves inward and the impact of Iapetus.

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