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You can learn from history and read about geography and history of the world. The history of Rome, Europe, America, Asia.


Romulus and Remus founding Rome LEGEND

The legend of Romulus and Remus says that they founded Rome, and othranilaih is a wolf in a cave.

eternal city of Rome according to legend was founded by twins Romulus and Remus who nurtured jeu cave wolf.
These days the world had visited photography sites in Rome kojetalijanski experts claim that the luperkal or long zagubljenašpilja. The room was found 16 meters below ground, below ostatakapalače Emperor Augustus on the Palatine, the hill in the city center, tijekomradova to rebuild. building in the shape of the dome is decorated with mosaics and seashells šarenimmramornim. At the center of the arch is prikazbijelog eagle, symbol of the Roman Empire during the first Roman caraAugusta - 63rd-14th BC. In search of the cave archaeologists seravnali Renaissance texts on which it is located luperkal ublizini his palace. Some caves are later popped up on many buildings, so that even Dionysius in the first century BC, wrote that seluperkal hard to see them. Carandini at the University of La Sapienzavjeruje that Romulus and Remus really existed, although the legend of vučiciizmišljena. The Legend of Rome contains pure fabrications, he said. I do not believe that a wolf nursed Romulus. was a myth which is onstvorio, which corresponds to a typical myth of survival junaka.Međutim, luperkal there, Palatine wall there, a true and forumkoji was the center of political life, had been founded by Romulus. I know that August was the rage of Romulus ... Therefore, if the there is luperkal iznadnjegove palace, it has an exceptional importance, explained the professor. GiorgioCroci, head group of conservators working on the restoration of the Palatine, said that August was not accidentally chosen the site for the palace. Specifically, Octavian was, before he became Emperor Augustus , Romulus thought oprihvaćanju names to emphasize that it intends to re osnovatiRim. Experts believe that he had restored the shrine to connect wholly composed palace. In ancient times in the cave and around each were godine15. February took place the pagan feast of Lupercalia in honor bogaplodnosti Luperka. In these the men in the ritual of fertility šibaližene, and abolished them in the fifth century, Pope Gelazije I

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