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Start of spring, the vernal equinox

Equinox or Equinox is a phenomenon in astronomy when jeZemljina axis perpendicular to the plane in which the Earth moves around the sun, and uširem meaning and dates and events that marked the beginning of spring (around 21 March

Ravnodnevnicaili equinox in astronomy is the phenomenon when the Earths axis perpendicular naravninu in which the Earth moves around the sun, and in the broader sense, dates and events that marked the beginning of spring - around 21 March and autumn - around 23 September .
points on the celestial sphere where the ecliptic intersects the celestial ekvatorzovu the equinox point.
the Sun in its apparent motion of the ecliptic passes through the point proljetnutočku vernal equinox and autumnal equinox point trenutkujesenske.
To date
equinox directions of sunrise and sunset are najbližitočnim directions east and west, and in the moment of equinox Sunčevezrake illuminate the Earths equator at a right angle. noćiiznosi duration of day and approximately 12 hours, but due to the effects of the atmosphere is not potpunojednako.
From the 2008th to 2,101th year, the vernal equinox falls 19 or češće20. March

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