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You can learn from history and read about geography and history of the world. The history of Rome, Europe, America, Asia.


Chocolate love of chocolate

love of chocolate počelaje least 500 years earlier than previously thought, and actually jepočela chocolate and in an attempt to make beer.

love people for chocolate počelaje least 500 years earlier than previously thought, and actually jeproizvedena in an attempt to make beer, they found sCornell University. Chocolate is actually a fermented alcoholic pićenapravljeno the pureed mixture drvetakakaovca tropical fruits and drank a lot earlier than they are on a pedestal obožavanjauzdigli Maya and Aztecs that it was important to drink, and the Mayans also had bogačokolade. Anthropology Professor John Henderson, head istraživačkogtima, in a recent study said that researchers vjerujuda to Chocolate discovery occurred by accident, in an attempt to napravivrsta beer. These old blend that they received, had okusčokolade. vessel and discovered the remains of the chocolate on them indicate vrlorane customs and ceremonies of drinking liquor during weddings, rođenjai other festive occasions. Later, in the 16th century, chocolate was napitakmiješan with water, chilli and honey and have emerged as different napiciod most of them were very bitter. In Europe, the chocolate arrived sKolumbom. late 16th century in Spain as in chocolate and vanilla sugar počelistavljati, and by the 17th century became luksuznanamirnica. late 18th century produced the first chocolate kind danaspoznajemo having discovered a way to obtain cocoa powder and cocoa beans from kakaomaslaca. first milk chocolate are made Švicarci.Do today it was discovered that chocolate contains about 300 kemijskihsastojaka known, including methylxanthines theobromine and caffeine. jeprisutan Caffeine in small quantities, theobromine and has significantly more. Iakoteobromin a weak stimulant effect, it is assumed that ukombinaciji with other ingredients contributing to the creation of indescribable pleasure and monstrous desire for chocolate in our civilization.

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