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WINE HISTORY imperial cellars

One of the most famous wine tasting in history occurred oko170. AD the imperial cellars in Rome, formerly poznatogsvijeta center, where there was the best collection of wines that are prikupilicarevi tells the history of wine.

History of Wine
The most famous wine tasting upovijesti occurred about 170 AD in the royal cellars in Rome, formerly the center of the known world, where there was the best collection vinakoju collected emperors.
and wet and cold cellars, ukojima were only occasionally pierced by sunlight, down to Galen, personal physician to Emperor Marcus Aurelius, with the aim: to find the best wine nasvijetu.
Galen was born in Pergamum - now Bergam uTurskoj, a town in the eastern part of the Roman Empire where govorilogrčkim language. As a young man he studied medicine in Alexandria and zatimotišao to Egypt where he learned the Indian and African lijekove.Nadovezujući the ideas of Hippocrates, Galen believed that the bolestbila result of an imbalance between the four humours: blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile. excess of each of these physical sokovanakupljao in certain parts of the body and tied for različitetemperamente, black bile accumulated in the spleen and caused melancholy, insomnia and nervousness. body juices are able to return to ravnotežutehnikama like putting krvi.U second installment tells the feuilleton SEO using wine as a cure at the time of Roman Emperor MarkaAurelija, and how the wine is kept, and took a prominent place priglavnom Christian rite. We talk about how the wine is preživjeloprocvat islamaGalenovo interest Wine was generally, though not fully, professionally. As a young doctor, who cured their wounds gladijatoredezinficirajući wine, which at that time was uobičajenapraksa. wine can also be used to regulate body sokova.Galen the emperor regularly prescribed medication and wine are sadržavalivino. According to the theory of bodily juices, wine was considered hot and suhomnamirnicom, and increased the yellow bile, and decreased phlegm. It jeznačilo that it should be avoided by people suffering from fever, but be due to use as a remedy for colds. Galenovu According to the opinion, which was jevino rather, it was medically effective. pokušajtenabaviti always the best, he advised. Being cared for carevozdravlje, Galen wanted to make sure it provides the best mogućuberbu. Accompanied by guards basement, which he was supposed to help open iponovno sealed amphorae, went a straight falernskomvrhu. Since everything is the best all over the world pronađeput to great men on earth, Galen wrote, the greatest velikanemora to choose the best of the best. In performing their duties, I checked the labels of all ages on the amphorae falernskih mojupaletu included wine and each wine older than twenty years. I continued doknisam found no trace of bitterness in wine. Old wine that is not izgubiloslatkoću best of all. Unfortunately, Galen has recorded berbukoju was eventually chosen as the most appropriate treatment for the emperor. But , insisted that Marcus Aurelius should only drink this wine umedicinske purposes. idea of ​​such a remedy or antidote is the first in the 1st not apply Mitridat, King of Pontus, a region in Turkey današnjesjeverne. He spent a number of experiments in which several desetakazatvorenika received various deadly poisons. aim was otkritinajučinkovitiji protuotrov.Nakon some time decided to zamješavinu 41 ingredients, which had to be taken daily. Finally jeMitridata the throne threw his son. Legend says that, the tower closed, tried to kill himself, but revealed that no venom is not učinkovit.Na end sought to be guards stabbed to death. Galen nadopunioMitridatov recipe. Galenov recipe for teriyaki - ilijek universal antidote for all - consisted of 71 ingredients, including ground lizards, poppy juice, spices, frankincense, juniper , ginger, hemlock seeds, raisins, fennel, anise and licorice. Marcus Aurelius died in the 180th AD odtrovanja not, but from disease. the last week of his life drunk and did teriyaki falernsko vino.Prema ancient Roman and grčkimpredrasudama, penetration of the northern tribes should civiliziranukulturu destroy the wine and replace it with barbaric drinking beer. But usprkossvojoj reputation vulgar beer lovers, the tribes of northern Europe, where the climate was less favorable for vitikulturu have not had ništaprotiv wine. For example, the Visigoths code written between the 5th and 7th century contained details of the penalties for anyone who oštetivinograd - hardly what you would expect from such a barbara.Drugi čimbenikopstanka culture of wine drinking was his close association skršćanstvom, which flourished during the first millennium contributed to the symbolic važnostivina. According to the Bible, Christs first miracle at the beginning of his Bogubilo service is converting six jugs of water into wine at a wedding blizuGalilejskog sea. Because it was at the Last Supper Christ ponudiosvojim students, wine has become an integral part of the Eucharist. This možesmatrati and continuing the tradition begun by the worshipers of the cult Dionizai its Roman version, Bacchus. Although the culture of wine ostalanenarušena in the Christian part of Europe, the habit of drinking wine sepromijenile as a result of flourishing of Islam. Its founder, prorokMuhamed, was born around 570th gn e ... According to tradition, Mohammed zabranaalkohola followed a fight two of his disciples nakonpijanke. When the prophet Allah asked advice on how spriječititakve events, Allah was implacable: Wine and gambling ... are gadostikoje was invented by Satan. Avoid them, to enjoy ublagostanju ... Are they not resist? But Muslim zabranaalkohola there was probably a result of broader cultural promjena.Zahvaljujući spread of Islam, the Arabian desert tribes poluotokastekla the supremacy over the peoples of the Mediterranean. These tribes izražavalasvoju superiority of the former elite classes by replacing vehicles nakotačima camels, and tables and chairs with pillows and forbidding potrošnjuvina. Time Muslims emphasize their opposition to the old idejama.Međutim, in some parts of the prohibition of alcohol was less stroga.Tvrdnja that Mohammed enjoyed a slightly fermented drink wine datuljenavela some Spanish Muslims to conclude that he did not prigovaraozbog wine, but because of the excesses. mixing wine with water smanjivaloje strength and whether the according to Mohammed vision of paradise: the garden in which ćepravični to drink pure wine, water mixed with Tasnim, sources kojemće are privileged to refresh. |

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