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What is the origin of life appeared on earth? Mikroskopskiizvanzemaljci arrived from Mars to Earth at the meteoritukoji 13,000 years ago fell in the Antarctic have shown novaistraživanja NASA scientists.

Microscopic izvanzemaljcistigli are from Mars to Earth on a meteorite that prior to 13,000 godinapao in the Antarctic, according to new research by NASA-inihznanstvenika.
Their fossilized remains have been found nakamenu who was ejected from Mars probably an asteroid impact. Meteorje 16 million years wandered the solar system before završiou eternal ice of our planet.
meteorite called Allen Hills84001 but alarm the scientific community 1996th when the first fossils putotkriveni. However, after the dust settles What are some skepticiustvrdili how likely a contamination of the ice formations on the Zemljiili created by the explosion of a collision on Mars.
However, according to some British and American media, our spremauskoro come out with new facts that show how are fosiliautentični.
team led by Kathie Thomas-Keprte investigated jeugljikove circles and tiny magnetite crystals inside meteoritaelektronskim powerful microscope resolution that did not exist 13 years ago. study has shown that they are associated with water that jepostojala on Mars at the time the Red Planet was more nalikZemlji.
Scientists believe that in a similar way udavnoj past life could arrive at our planet from some part Sunčevogsustava, perhaps Mars. best-known proponents of this theory, poznatekao panspermija, British astronomers Sir Fred Hoyle - Author izrazaVeliki bang and Chandra Wickramasinghe.
is expected to announce that our new results for several days. | |

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