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ORIGIN OF SURNAMES of births, marriages and deaths

Origin of surnames in Europe dolazinakon the Council of Trent (1545th to 1563rd

Todays perception of surnames derived from the fact that to them He born and therefore it is something common, something neither nerazmišljamo.
No, but a cursory analysis of their occurrence dovestće us some very interesting conclusions. First, neseže their origin in a distant, mythical past, they are mostly modern differentiation phenomenon in any case are much younger at the origin of the name. Najsigurnijidokaz that is the fact that a large category of surnames nastalaupravo of personal names.
Surnames are now required. Nitijedna civilized administration can not be imagined without them. It namomogućuju that people differ in a far greater degree than uslučaju that people wear only the name. Hence the name, and dock osobnostnjegovog holders.
The word name - = name-prez imaznačenje over the name, behind the name, nickname, surname and jestneka actually kind of nickname. name is now more important than him, so they navodimoredoslijedom: full name, so they stand in same relation as in sintaksiimenica and its attributes.
Speaking of names and surnames, we have taken on some routes are primarily oimenovateljima. name and gives us someone to whom we are beloved, mother, father, cousin, godfather or a family friend. Hence the name almost bezizuzetka show a good, desirable characteristics or naduda will show the holders name to achieve the objective set.
istograzloga The child is given the names of famous people from the past that implementer desirable characteristics or serve as an example općeprihvaćenognačina life - Zeljko, Radovan, M., Z., Arcade, Lion, Bozidar, Dominic .... with the surname is largely different: they give njihnam distant, indifferent, and less well-intentioned; ponekadkoriste opportunity to highlight some negative human traits of ducks occur and mockingly nadimačka surnames.
daprezime should be noted that expresses a feature of its bearer zanositelje in subsequent generations no longer has its original meaning. If netkodobio Filipčić surname because he was Philips son and grandchildren will then put praunucinaslijediti surname though their father was not Philip.
This is even more evident in surnames originated from a single or ljudskognedostatka features: surnames Šepak, Gluhak iliHustić talk about characteristics of their first seed, and she senajčešće not transferred to another generation so Šepakov more nijebio lame son, daughter or Gluhak deaf and no longer young Hustić nijemorao live in the woods. name is, in fact, become hereditary without considerate and its basic meaning of the reason.
Najstarijaprezimena they are related to a farm or country: Ratkaj - = from Ratko, place in Hungary, Keglević - = from Kogelo, a fortified town uDalmaciji Bužimski - from Buzim, etc. These were created from the need to seoznači property owner, to ensure continuity of ownership, njegovajavnost. Their importance stems from the fact of ownership.
Still other names arise from the need to distinguish people, izadministrativnih reasons and those who hold pastry filled with those who are imna any way superior: the feudal lords, the administrative officers isvećenici.
They are the - win the appointment of guided raznimmotivima pastry filled and surname: the father - more rarely her mothers name, by occupation, according to their origin, exceptional - usually physical characteristics, according to the name of the living beings in the broadest range, according prirodnojpojavi, ore name, place of birth, name of the people or the end ...
to mass occurrence of surnames in Europe and then in Croatia comes nakonTridentskog Council - 1545th to 1563rd when they started as a mandatory voditimatične of births, marriages and deaths.
basic division with regard to surnames mentioned above would be:
first Surnames containing blood relationship, Surnames premazanimanjima second, third and ethnics etnonimi4. Surnames by a upadljivojosobini5. Other family names - surnames and zoonimske fitonimskemotivacije, surnames according to a natural phenomenon, etc.
According to security in terms of meaning and origin of surnames can recid some ambiguity, some quite sure, Zedad suggest some solutions, while others kept the secret of his origin. prezimenavjerojatno shape changed over the centuries as to how to change jezikuopće but are also aware of possible intervention of their respective holders.
their form and function could change grafemskog sustava.Generalno can be said that the family name in its present form čestoprilično moved from the initial form of motivating words. Here seoblikovatelji surname not pay much attention to voice changes ilivladajući language standard. |

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