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The Descent of Man preserved fossil

Scientists have discovered a nearly perfectly preserved fossil drevnogprimata who is believed to be the key that links our nedostajeizmeđu suborder of primates and fossil ever, and that is porijekločovjeka

Scientists have discovered
gotovosavršeno preserved fossil of an ancient primate, which is believed to ključnakarika missing link between our suborder of primates and fossil ever.
The discovery of this 47-million-year-old primate, is lovingly called Ida, is as important as the discovery of the Rosetta stone, which is hieroglyphs otključaotajnu. Also, Ida scientists will clarify pitanjaoko early stages of primate evolution.
vrhunskihznanstvenika Tim, who was Ida studied over two years, believes her kakoje best-preserved trace fossil of an animal ever otkriven.Očuvano skeleton is 95 percent, thanks to a unique location nakojoj died is possible to discern the remains of her hair and her saznatikakva was last vegetarian dinner.
This little creature will show us association of all other mammals, cows and sheep, elephant and anteater.
Ida was originally discovered by amateur fossil researcher back in 1983 in the Messel pit near Darmstadt of Germany. fossil jedržao hidden more than 20 years ago when finally decided to sell it.
picture of fossils will end up in textbooks and stay there sljedećihstotinu years. Ida tells us about the hitherto unknown episode našeevolucije, since all the other fossils because of its devastation gotovonemogući explore.
The researchers believe that Ida pripadavrsti which split from the evolutionary group from which they then nastalilemuri and other species, and later formed Haplorrhini, suhonosce, suborder of primates that includes humans, monkeys and apes.
However, researchers Go could not be attributed to the Lemurian evolucijskuliniju because of its fossil shows that it does not possess the characteristics dvijeključne lemurs; claws on the second toe and sraslezube. In addition, the bone of her wrist as she takes the form of našempodredu primates. These are the reasons for which scientists Iduodvajaju of lemurs.
fossil shows that Ida was 53 inches and dugačkaoko old between six and nine months. With all the fossil tajnekoje made their discovery, scientists biloutvrditi sex is the easiest going, since it had penis bone, is easily bilozaključiti it is a female. |

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