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You can learn from history and read about geography and history of the world. The history of Rome, Europe, America, Asia.


Polar regions the North Pole

Peary at the North Pole arrived in the company of his vjernogpomoćnika, an African-American Matthew Hensen and four Eskimos

American naval časnikRobert E. Peary was the first won the North Pole, which was a dream mnogihistraživača. Pearyjeva first expedition was to explore Grenlandasaonicama 1886th year later he returned to Greenland 1890th and 1891.
Pručavao the Eskimos and their way of life which he jeuvelike assist in achieving the ambitious targets that are nekiuspoređivali with Columbuss discovery of America. How cruel uvjetivladali in the Arctic, is best explained by the fact that during ranijihekspedicija Pearyju frostbite eight toes amputated.
Pearyje to the North Pole arrived in the company of his faithful assistant, an African-American Matthew Hensen and four Eskimos. They udaljenostod Ellesmere Island, along the coast of Greenland, to the geographical Sjevernogpola went, for only 37 days. Anyway, about the conquest led between the žestokaborba Pearyja and Dr. Frederick Cock, which is claimed to be half won yet jeSjeverni 1908th year, but it never managed to prove.

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