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You can learn from history and read about geography and history of the world. The history of Rome, Europe, America, Asia.


View from space of black holes

Black holes occur when a big star at the end of his life, exploding, and its core collapses to a huge density enormnomgravitacijskom force

Natemelju latest insights on the nature of black holes, scientists created the first MMS interactive program that shows what would sedogodilo when he approached one of them.
Program usefull actual data, and simulates the flow of events in the near tesvemirske appear showing how extreme gravity iskrivljujeslike constellations as turning them into enormous washing machine.
Tvorciprograma say that he will allow people to familiarize themselves with čudnovatimnačinom in which black holes act to light. People will moćiigrati with parameters and see how such black holes iskrivljujezviježđe Orion - hunter.
Black holes occur when a big star, the krajusvog life, exploding, and its core collapses to a density senormnom immense gravitational force. Even at a safe distance from crnerupa its gravity distorts the position of stars in the sky, and tapojava effect is called gravitational lensing. The gravitational silacrnih hole is so great that it warps space and drawing zrakesvjetlosti like how to make lenses. |

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