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UNDERWATER FISHING VIDEO, animals in the sea

The crustacean scavenger living at depths greater than 400 meters, is not dangerous to humans, and in Taiwan in its white flesh, sličnojastogovom considered a real treat. Feeds on the remains of whales, fish lignjii

Spearfishing videos, animals caught in the sea
bugs from the depths of the sea a large 80-inches
unmanned submarine ROV - Remotely Operated Vehicle sistraživanja recently returned to the seabed with unexpected blind passenger-giant isopods that look like creatures from a science fiction horror.
This scavenger crustacean lives at marine depths exceeding 400 meters, is not dangerous to humans, and in Taiwan in its white flesh, sličnojastogovom considered a real treat. It feeds on the remains of whales, fish lignjii.
Fortunately isopods their catch is not commercially viable due velikihdubina where they live.
caught, a copy of the tail to the top of the head is large nearly 80 inches and zapodmornicu be caught at a depth of about 2600 meters.
member of the expedition, who works for a company to podmorskaistraživanja, published his photograph on the internet, however, that these studies, which are mainly conducted looking zaležištima oil, the secret is not revealed to the location where caught.
Scientists believe that the enormous dimensions of these crustaceans, but idrugih deep water organisms, and the result of increased cell dužegtrajanja life caused by low temperatures.
Spearfishing videos, animals in the sea |

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