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You can learn from history and read about geography and history of the world. The history of Rome, Europe, America, Asia.



Self-styled guru and leader of the sect of the world balance Thiierry Tilly (45

self-styled guru and leader of the world sekteRavnoteža Thiierry Tilly - 45 is pulled under the skin bogateplemićke family Védrines them for almost ten years bezobzirnopljačkao, exploited and even physically abused.
All the počelo1999. when Tilly arrived at the family castle in Védrines Moflanquinu ufrancuskoj Bordeux province. Nine members of the aristocratic obiteljiobjeručke charming wizards are accepted almost with the same fervor kaošto was once Russias imperial Romanov family, Rasputin accepted. Tilly presented with such a character that can safely could find and marry Vinncijevom code.
mysterious signs, prophecies, end of the world, life after death, illness, and their miraculous are everyday izlječenjapostali naive aristocrat. Védrinestako Three generations have found themselves in slavery. were not allowed out of his castle , and their guru is often tied them and denied them food, arguing that Toradora for their own good. so brain washed them to have it all in the age to 68 od16 unquestioningly obeyed. Mothers have even waived the education svojedjece who surrendered completely convincing Tilly.
doxa which they may play brains, Thierry Tilly has developed other posao.Počeo slowly sell their precious pieces of furniture, paintings and other dragojenosti and thus saved himself udžep about three million. Nine years ago at the urging of rodbinezatočenih aristocrats Police investigated and closed the guru.

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