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Mars is one planet in the solar system, and strange clusters detected naletjelici Phoenix Mars Lander could Bibit first evidence that there is liquid water on sadašnjemMarsu

clusters detected naletjelici Phoenix Mars lander could be the first evidence of the existence of liquid water present on Mars. The photographs on Zemljuposlala robotic spacecraft that can see the droplets increases, together with ikapaju aircraft and their behavior corresponding properties tekućevode.
Phoenix Mars Lander spacecraft landed in the northern half bliziniMarsovog in May last year and during the few boravkanapravila portraits to assess njegovogstanja. examining these photographs, scientists have discovered čudnenakupine on the surface of aircrafts and believe that the case of liquid water.
assume that it is salty mud which was slapped poPhoenix Mars Lander during descent to the surface. Salt in the mud jenakon that absorb water vapor from the atmosphere and thus are seformirale water droplets.
Running water and below 0 degrees
Although the Martian arctic temperatures prevailing, the water in it can stay utekućem state because it contains a large amount of perchlorate salts kiselinekoja for its properties like antifreeze. susuglasnici scientists to find implies liquid water and Mars zaživot convenience.
Pictures where videkapljice sufficiently high resolution to be able to explore and sitnidetalji, and also the instruments on spacecraft designed pronalaskutekuće water are not found anything. However, he and his uvjerenida these are what are seen corresponding to the behavior of liquid water. | | |

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