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Solar System planets oceans of diamonds

On some planets in the solar system there are a whole oceanidijamanata where icebergs float constructed from these gems ukristaliziranom condition.

On some planets in the solar system there are a whole dijamanatau oceans where icebergs float constructed from these gems in kristaliziranomstanju, say experts in an article published in the journal Nature Physics.
Study is based on the first measurements of melting point dijamanatakoja have shown that they behave like water, which freezes and burn that crystal formation is not a ton of diamonds in the liquid state. This discovery enabled a new understanding of diamonds, but also the conditions kojivladaju the outermost planet in our solar system.
- Diamonds are a relatively common material on Earth, however, the melting point njihovatočka never measured - explained Jon Eggert izLawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
For otapanjedijamanata requires very high temperatures and extremely high pressure measurements are now prevented. The diamonds on visokimtemperaturama under normal pressure transform the graffiti sepotom melts. However, gaseous giants like Neptune karakteriziraupravo combination of massive pressure and high temperature.
Eggertov these tiny diamond - about one tenth of cards - otopiolaserom pressure 40 million times greater than that of the government razinimora on Earth. When experts reduce pressure to about 11 milijunaputa larger than Earth, and the temperature to about 50,000 stupnjevaCelzijusovih, on the surface of liquid diamonds have begun to create malekristalizirane clusters. They are not sunk, but the floes floated poputmalenih of ice.
For most elements the situation is hard gušćeod current. Water is one of the exceptions, a new study shows rous same holds true for the diamond.
existence of diamonds naplinovitim ocean giants could explain the orientation njihovihmagnetskih poles. Specifically, while the Earths magnetic pole podudarajus geographic, on Uranus and Pluto they deviate by up to 60 degrees. therefore could be responsible for the oceans of diamonds. većranije Scientists have found that about 10 percent of the mass of the planet makes carbon and diamond velikiocean the appropriate place could turn njihovumagnetnu axis.
idea of ​​the oceans of diamonds is not new, but recent research is supporting. Final confirmation can be dobitikopiranjem conditions on this planet to remote Zemljiili very expensive sending them on missions. But if this part will be moćiponijeti home then the mission could and should be paid. |

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