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Feathers of birds birdwatching

Tims research began by studying the fossil remains pretkaptice Confuciusornis who lived during the Cretaceous. Odličnoočuvano bird feathers were found recently in northern China.

Although sudinosauri in the movie Jurassic Park pouzdanihznanstvenih reconstructed on the basis of the information and acted very convincingly, no one had zapravopojma what color was the long-extinct creatures.
According to a report presented in the journal Nature, team of Chinese experts ibritanskih revealed that 125 million years old malenidinosaur carnivorous Sinosauropteryx was covered with orange fuzz.
research team began studying the fossil remains pticeConfuciusornis ancestor who lived during the Cretaceous. His great očuvanoperje found recently in northern of China.
Using electron microscopy experts have discovered tiny strukturetzv. melanocytes that contain melanin pigment.
melanocytes of different shapes create different colors. Ball oblicistvaraju reddish color, and they form the sausage-like gray.
The team then analyzed the traces of feathers with a dinosaur, a large turkey poputdanašnjeg, was emblazoned on the head, back and tail. Already in fosilnimostacima it was evident that the animals had a brighter and tamnijepruge, and further investigation showed that the are white with orange prugeizmjenjivale.
colors other dinosaurs that had feathers or thick hair, you probably will not be detected by this technique.
Benton points out that studies also confirmed that the birds razvileiz dinosaur.
-We now know that feathers appeared before the wings, which means that nijerazvilo as part of the body needed to fly but to attract the partneraili intimidate predators.

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