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Meteor shower AND EVOLUTION OF THE EARTH Life on Earth

There is a possibility that life existed on Earth more than 4milijarde years and to maintain, despite intensive bombardiranjumeteorita that our planet has suffered before 3.9 billion years old

ježivot possibility exists that existed on Earth more than 4 billion years and that seodržao despite intense meteorite bombardment that has our planetpretrpio before 3.9 billion years, according to a survey ubritanskom scientific journal Nature.
About 200 tons milijunamilijardi meteorites of all sizes, from 100 m to more than 100 kmpromjera, they fell to Earth in about one hundred million years, during tograzdoblja intense bombardment, stress and Oleg Abramov StephenMojzsisi the geological department of the University of Colorado.
Taistraživanja show that life on earth existed before sedosad thought, commented NASA to relay Lynn Rothschild explained that these findings open the possibility that life on Zemljipojavio only once and that our planet is inhabited continuously since then.
Dosadsu biologists believed that life on the planet appeared several times Ted was the first form of life has disappeared under the action of meteorites. |

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