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You can learn from history and read about geography and history of the world. The history of Rome, Europe, America, Asia.


DISCOVERY OF AUSTRALIA Who revealed to Australia?

Who discovered Australia? It is believed that the discovery Australijezaslužan British explorer James Cook sailor.

ČETIRIPORTUGALSKA ships were sent to 1522. DanašnjeMalezije the area in search of land and gold discovered Australia, kontroverznaje theory book by retired Australian journalist Peter Trickettakojom changed the history of the continent which has long been written that it jeotkrio British explorer James Cook sailor April 29 1770.godine.
Trickett their claims based on documents nakoje, he says, accidentally ran eight years ago in a bookstore uCanberri, and including a map copied from Portuguese sources. kađo increased, he saw map that accurately describes the headlands and bays diljemistočne coast of Australia, who convinces Trickett objavljivanjemknjige called Beyond Capricorn started the discussion by historians.
Trickett whole story is founded on the found folders, reprodukcijamaiz Vallard Atlas, which contains 15 original hand-drawn mapadovršenih latest 1545th year in French and Deippeu kojepredstavljaju whole world as it was then known to Europeans.
Key were two folders, specifically their reproduction, as daoriginalni Vallard Atlas never leaves the air-conditioned podrumknjižnice Huntingon in Los Angeles, with called Terra java which suTrickettu incredible resemblance to the Australian east coast. Then sepojavljuje with an intriguing theory: what if Atlas originators uDeippeu had wrongly arranged two Portuguese maps were copied?
- Vallard cartographers are connected together like a folder puzzle without jasnogodređenja that folder can be connected to a different way. My jeteorija that connect them wrong - Trickett explained that the computer pomoćpozvao connoisseur who has managed to cut the map into two parts irotirati lower half of 90 degrees.
- Until then, it bilas theory. But once it is rotated ... obalaAustralije whole eastern and southern part of the coast appeared to be accurate nevjerojatnogdetalja - says Trickett believes the original maps izradioportugalski seafarer Christopher de Mendonca, whose travels, he claims, was secretly which the Portuguese wanted to prevent other europskevlasti to learn something about their discovery. On the south coast, kažeTrickett, Mendonca clearly marked many locations, but the name Baia Neve najznačajnijimsmatra which insists that this is the Botany Bay, the hometown of modern Australia.
has long recorded history jedrukčija and Cook says that the first European to explore zaljevkoji called Stingray Harbour, later renamed Botany Bay.Nasuprot Trickett there are other scholars who do not deny that part mapeprilično resembles the coast of Queensland, but it confuses the part where the obalanajednom turns.
Computer manipulation of dobivanjezaključka that the Portuguese were in Australia 250 years before Cooks basi not impress experts. Historians such longer vjerujuTrickettovoj theory, but also against them are tamošnjistarosjedioci, Aborigines, who in turn denied Cooks assertion that onotkrio if we were already there? |

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