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The history of beer, how beer is created

History tells us that beer is a beer now almost exclusively associated smuškarcima, however, created a drink tohranjivo women and what has been for thousands of years gotovoisključivo their department. How it came to beer?

sedanas almost exclusively associated with men, however, it hranjivopiće created a woman and it is thousands of years ago was almost isključivonjihov department, scientists claim.
Historian Jane Payton - 48 conducted the extensive research that showed that muškarcipivovarama and began to dominate the beer just before the 200-odd years.
some 7000 years ago in the state of Sumer in Mesopotamia, ženskavještina preparing beer was so important that they only work on bilodozvoljen him and keeping tavern. Also, in ancient društvimapivo always thought the food and the gift of the goddess, not gods.
Between the eighth and tenth century Vikings raided and spread strahEuropom, mainly under the influence of beer, which worked because women are unordijskoj culture and the job and associated tools were povjereniisključivo them.
Credits for the production of beer in Finland attributed fairer sex, aprvi ingredients were similar bear and wild honey bees.
Similarly, in England, where women are producing beer donosilevažan additional source of income for their families. It is a popular međuženama, and saw him and Queen Elizabeth I - regular breakfast, alii during the day.
late 18th century and the emergence industrijskerevolucije new way of brewing reduced the role of women and the time after it was forgotten, and men have taken precedence.

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