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Mohorovicic discontinuity discovery

Andrija Mohorovicic was 1910. Najvećegznanstvenog came to his achievements: the discovery of surface discontinuities that odjeljujekoru mantle of the Earth.

Moho discontinuity
CROATIAN znanstvenikAndrija Mohorovičić 1910. Najvećegznanstvenog came to his achievements: the discovery of surface discontinuities that odjeljujekoru mantle of the Earth. - Discontinuity was discovered on zapisapotresa that on 8 October 1909th The hit surroundings Pokupsko. I tried was a powerful earthquake that registered a number of European seizmološkepostaje. Mohorovičić from European colleagues asked kopijeseizmograma, all of which are readily responded to his request, suggesting that the ougledu but then had in the world - said prof. Herak. Although unjegovo time there was no internet or fax, Andrija Mohorovicic urekordnom the time collected copies of seismograms, and then meticulously analyzed istrpljivo. research paper published in less than godinudana, as from today perspepektive seems almost impossible these multistage everything I worked, without an assistant. - Until then, it felt that Zemljanije homogeneous, but it was not known whether the properties are changing continuously sdubinom or not. Mohorovičić then proved that the Earth is heterogeneous, that along with at least two layers, of which the upper crust and lower mantle. Based on analysis of seismograms, it found a surface discontinuity kojaodjeljuje crust from the mantle of the Earth - said prof. Herak, who added that sedanas known to exist beneath the mantle outer and inner jezgraZemlje.Mohorovičić his work on the discontinuity injemačkom written in Croatian language, and his research read austrijskiseizmolog Bendorf, which is then presented his critical remarks. ZaMohorovičićev work soon and many are interested europskiznanstvenici, and later it was shown that there is a discontinuity nacijeloj Earth. - Moho discontinuity is one odnajvećih discoveries in seismology of the 20th century. Discontinuity of the Moon and there are ways to Mars, also called the Mohorovičić - jeprof said. Herak and stressed that the Moho discovery najvažnijaznanstvena knowledge which has ever come to a scientist working In Croatia. |

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