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The Milky Way light

One of the worlds leading astronomers said on Wednesday that Idlepreciznije than science books that say that the Milky stazadebela only six thousand light years ....

Comedian Eric Idle of Monty Python usvojoj Galactic is a popular song said that our galaktikastotinu thousand light years long, and sixteen tisućadebela.Jedan of the worlds leading astronomers said on Wednesday that jeIdle more accurate than science books that say that the thick Mliječnastaza only six thousand light godina.Naša is tight spiral galaktikaplosnata hundred thousand light years thick and 12, claims Australian astrophysicist Bryan Gaensler.
concluded SMODE should check the standard numbers that everyone uses, Gaensler rekaoje who once worked at Harvard and MIT in the SjedinjenimDržavama. In just a few hours to calculate this for ourselves. We thought dasigurno wrong, so we checked and rechecked, but pogreškunismo found, says in his and his priopćenju.Gaensler ekipamjerili are using pulsars, stars that emit light in pravilnimrazmacima. While light pulsars travels to us, it is uinterakciji with electrons scattered between the stars, known kaotzv. warm ionized medium - warm ionized medium, WIM and he usporavasvjetlost, he said. Wavelengths of the Red negokraće more slow, in part of the spectrum ljubičastome. So kašnjenjacrvenoga measurements we can calculate how much WIM through a svjetlostproputovala. With the knowledge of the pulsars distance, it was possible odreditigustoću WIM and edge galaktike.Gaensler says astronomirazličito responded to a doubling of thickness of the Milky Way. It CESVI deteriorate, said one. Aha! Now everything makes sense, kažudrugi.Gaensler its results in January were presented to the američkimastronomskim Society in Austin, Texas.

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