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Martin Luther King, his biography says he was born and died 1483.godine 1546th year. Questioned the authority of the pope, he held the Bible provides the only source of religious authority.

Martin Luther King Biography
MARTIN LUTHER - 1483rd to 1546th has questioned the authority of the pope, he held the Bible provides the only source of religious authority.
Kakobi word of God closer to the people translated the Bible into the vernacular. It was the confident that the Church had lost sight of the underlying truths of Christianity, and when the 1510th was in Rome he remained surprised and disgusted with power, wealth ikorupcijom papacy.
In 1517th public he protested protivprodaje forgiveness of sins in his 95 theses which he hung on vratacrkve in Wittenberg. Some theologians believe that Luthers intention nijebilo confrontation with Rome about the doctrine, but thats just postavljaolegitimna pitanje.Marina Luther was excommunicated by Pope Leo the Tenth, although it was initially perceived only as a drunken German who ćepromijeniti opinion when sober.
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