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You can learn from history and read about geography and history of the world. The history of Rome, Europe, America, Asia.



Before the approximately five hundred thousand years led to high geographic širinamaMarsa began to melt and evaporate most of the cases directly. Exists in water on Mars?

Image Analysis SNAS-spacecraft thats orbiting Mars have shown that in this planetujoš about one million years prior to flowing water, the researchers reported. Nafotografijama channels to see which is scooped out water from topljenjemleda. Experts and previously known to them, however, was teškoodrediti their age.
team from Brown University in RhodeIslandu it is succeeded with the help of the crater analysis područjuPromethei Terra, Mars south of the equator.
There is no lake anywhere in that they could put a gold fish. However, there was a transient melted water. Normally there is ice sublimated Such antibodies - directly perspiring. But in this case it melts iostavljao sediments. not to last long, but it happened explained Samuel Schon team member. | Istraživačitvrde the discovery of a relatively young system of liquid water, even takoizoliranog, significantly increases the period during which the water was active to the neighboring planet. It also confirms earlier assumptions that Marsnedavno entered into an ice age in which the polar caps migrated premaekvatoru.
distance from the channel system works as long jedinstvenaformacija few hundred meters. However, podrobnijaistraživanja images from NASAs Mars RecoinaissanceOrbiter satellites showed that there were four intervals in susedimenti which deposited a series of steep slopes. To determine the age sustavaznanstvenici used the method of counting craters.
Budućida the meteor strikes occur with a frequency that is tehnikapostala standard for determining the age of the planet surface. What jeviše craters on the surface that it considered to be older. Although this tehnikanije perfectly accurate, though the dating of relatively reliable.
Experts believe that by creating a channel posljednjegledenog occurred during the time on Mars.
before about five hundred thousand years led to the high geographical širinamaMarsa began to melt and evaporate most of the cases directly. | |

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