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Mark Antony and Cleopatra cocktail of poisons and drugs

Mark Antony and Cleopatra familiar historical names. JeKleopatra reportedly drank a cocktail of poisons and drugs, known at that vrijemedobro combination with opium and died.

CLEOPATRA died odzmijskog NOT bite, but a cocktail of poisons and drugs, says ChristophSchaefer, German historian and professor at the University of Trier.
Famous Egyptian queen died 30 years before Christ, legendakaže and that she committed suicide by releasing poisonous Egyptian cobra, that bites.
However, Professor. Schaefer argues that resulted zmijskiugriz dying in agony which lasted several days, atoksikolozi and zoologists believe that it actually took a deadly kokteldroga and poisons. - Queen Cleopatra was famous for its ljepotei is unlikely to expose the long, slow death which b nagrdilo her look - says Schaefer, author of the bestselling Cleopatra.
It is this aspect of beauty brižljivonjegovane and sexual seduction, which podleglinajmoćniji men her age, forced Schaefer to drugimstručnjacima to send to Alexandria to study ancient medicinskihzapisa and consultation with experts on snakes.
- Cleopatra ježeljela and death remain attractive in order to preserve the myth. Therefore jevjerojatno drank a cocktail of poisons and drugs, at that time well poznatukombinaciju with opium, which would cause a painless death within hours odnekoliko, while dying from snake bites lasted for days ipretvorilo in agony. We have consulted the eminent zoologists itoksikolozima and we agreed that to death from snake bites bilapreviše uncertain, and dying would take too long - said prof. Schaefer.
Roman historian Cassius Dio is about 200 years after Kleopatrinesmrti wrote that she died a peaceful and painless death, and confirmed that antičkitekstovi was well acquainted with poisons, and they were tested ISAM. Cleopatra two maids have died along with svojomkraljicom, and if it is not likely died from snake bites, and sepretpostavlja that they also drank a lethal cocktail.
Osimtoga, In August, when Cleopatra was 30 years before Christ počinilasamoubojstvo, temperatures are so high that the snake would not bite dovoljnomirovala that, experts say. Cleopatra during vladavinetvrdila as the reincarnation of the Egyptian goddess. After izgubilibitku Octavian at Actium against the Roman fleet, her the ljubavnikMarko Antony committed suicide, in which it is a nice kraljicaslijedila. |

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