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QUEEN CLEOPATRA dynasty Ptolomejević

Cleopatra was the last ruler of the dynasty ruled Egypt Ptolomejevićakoji. During his reign was known then as the seductive ability to use more than diplomatic ...

Egiptologinja Sally Ann Ashtonnapravila a 3D computer image of Cleopatra, which, unatočnedostatku real images, has become legendary for its nevjerojatnojljepoti.
Sally Ann Ashton has made a 3D simulation nakonšto years collecting images ancient monuments and remains, including icons with the ring that comes out of her vremena.Najnovijasimulacija Egyptian beauty differs greatly from that of her jezamislila Western cultures, including the right or at least neizgleda Cleopatra as Elizabeth Taylor, who took flesh in the same filmu1961. and celebrity Liz was chosen for this role because svojeljepote. Even after some shielding character of Cleopatra uvijektumačile actress who resembled Liz Taylor in the film with početka60s.
Decades Discussion
Sally Ann Ashton Cleopatra says danjezina simulation shows a woman of royal blood imanajviše Greek heritage, but also Egyptian blood. - Cleopatra definitely nijeimala exclusively European origin. You must keep in mind that njezinaobitelj lived in Egypt for three hundred years until it was not postalakraljica. This latest image from the very serazlikuje previous simulations that allegedly predstavljajuKleopatru. best known so far do not show her Cleopatra kaosavršenu shows what is considered beauty. In this picture, which is staged in the Museum at Newcastle, Cleopatra has a rather unattractive low brow, sharp chin, thin lips, hook nose and thick neck . Her izgledveć decades debated the various academics who have the attributes njezinimfizičkim discussed on the basis of numerous books, films idokumenata, and for some reason is always the most discussed tomekakav was her nose.
last of Ptolomejevića
Cleopatra was the last ruler of the dynasty ruled Egypt Ptolomejevića remanded. During his reign was known for tomešto is used more seductive abilities, but diplomatic. jeuspjela Time to save ancient Egypt from domination by other powers, and by the way jezavela and Julius Caesar, with whom had a son Cezariona. After njegovesmrti is seduced Mark Antony, Caesars generals, and for years to uznje tied the affair, and some kind of conspiracy. Given jenavodno life that was filled with intrigue, the story about her smrti.Naime, Cleopatra committed suicide, the most famous version is premakojoj in his room and put cobra aroused until CTS is not bitten by a snake. Neither, of course, never confirmed, and that jepriča known only because they were written by ancient Egyptian pjesnicii writers.

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