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Communist parole as communism

What is Communism and Communist slogans? DefiniraliKarl Communism as Marx and Friedrich Engels 1848th uknjižici with the title Communist Manifesto which was prvoobjavljena in London ...

The four meanings of the term communism:
first idea of ​​a perfect, classless society of complete equality ljudi.2.Politička ideology based on the abolition of private property and nauspostavi joint ownership of the means of movement proizvodnju.3.Politički - communist movement, which includes ukupnostkomunističkih parties - often in their names and parties, organizations and groups in svijetu.4. Polistički totalitarnejednostranačke system of government.
Communism as defined by Karl Marx Engels iFriedrich 1848th in the booklet entitled The Communist Manifesto which was first published in London.
Communist Manifesto defines utopia - Communism where they are taking are working according to their needs, and in such a society there privatnovlasništvo, capitalism, and even countries.
that time were the communist Peoples Proverbs, cultivar mention just a few:
- We build the railroad, railroad builds us
- No God, no master
- Proletarians of all countries, unite!
- Death to fascism, freedom to the people!
- Brotherhood and Unity!
- Serve the people!

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