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Characteristics of JUPITER, the composition of hydrogen and helium

Characteristics of Jupiter, which is composed by 90% hydrogen and 10% helium (pomasenom share

Australian amateur astronomer made a hole the size of Jupiter Zemljekoja was probably built in the impact of comets into the planet.
Anthony Wesley watched the telescope from the garden of his home near Canberra uMurrumbatemanu area around the gas giant and a satujutro on Monday unexpectedly noticed a large black-ožiljak.NASA makes scientists from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Pasadeniprikupili were followed with an infrared telescope in Hawaii, evidence of a collision.
Wesley says that the hole appeared in the short term while watching and onprekinuo entered the house to the television pogledaozavršnicu competition in golf. About 11 oclock I entered the house igledao golf. When I returned to the planet is turned so that the mjestoudara became evident, Wesley explained, adding that there is something that odmahshvatio hit Jupiter.
Četrdesetčetvorogodišnji IT consultant, who weekly spends 20-odd hours upromatranju planet, he immediately informed the NASA of the discovery.
researchers then went looking for evidence that would potvrdilida the result of a crash black spot. In the upper atmosphere otkrilisu particles at near infrared frequencies, while in the troposphere gornjimdijelovima ammonia emission in the central part infracrvenogspektra confirmed that there has been warming.
This attack occurred on the 15 th anniversary of attack Parts kometaShoemaker-Levy 9 into Jupiter 1994th
Jupiter Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and largest planet in the solar sustavu.Jupiter away 5:20 AU or 778,330,000 km from the Sun, has promjer142, 984 km and a mass 1.900e27 kg . So far, 63 of prirodnasatelita - moon orbiting Jupiter, and were discovered and planetarniprsteni.
Jupiter is the fourth brightest celestial body, nakonSunca, Moon and Venus. Jupiter has 2.5 times the mass of the total eight maseostalih planets in the solar system.
Jupiter is the sastavu90% hydrogen and 10% helium - by mass fraction, with traces of water, methane iamonijaka. This approximately corresponds to the composition and the composition of the initial cloud odkojeg the solar system formed.
One Jupiter day is 9Sat and 50 minutes. Due to the rapid rotation of Jupiter formed snažnavrtloženja and turbulence in the atmosphere. rotation periods vary odsloja layer due to different atmospheric motions.

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