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You can learn from history and read about geography and history of the world. The history of Rome, Europe, America, Asia.


JEANNE DARC Maid of Orleans is sentenced to death

Known as the Maid of Orleans, Joan of Arc was born a peasant family uskromnoj 1412th year, and during the siege of Paris jeranjena and later izarobljena and committed to the English. They tried her for heresy and osudilije to death by burning at the stake in 1431. In .

višegodišnjekampanje French Catholics, Pope Pius X beatified in Rome IvanuOrleansku - Jeanne dArc, Frances largest national junakinju.Poznata as the Maid of Orleans, John was born in a humble seljačkojobitelji 1412th year.
Since early childhood he had a vision, and the 1429th year, played an important role uspašavanju of the English siege of Orleans.
Svojomhrabrošću provided a strong incentive to veterans and eventually uspjelaotjerati England. During the siege of Paris was wounded and later izarobljena and submitted to the English. They tried her for heresy and osudilije to death by burning at the stake 1431st year.

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